A downloadable game for Windows

StarFire an Action/Platformer inspired by Mega Man X in development for PC/Windows.

Development is currently focused on code/gameplay mechanics.
All graphics and sounds are place holder and not representative of the final game.

Twitter: @_Nieb_

2016-08-30: Demo#7 Small Update

What's New:

  • Removed canon at the beginning of Test5
  • Enemies now drop health pickups

2016-08-28: Demo#6

What's New:

  • Stage design test! (Test5)
  • Enemy/Boss as Platform (climb and stand on)
  • Large scale boss battle
  • A bunch more behind the scenes framework

2016-08-14: Demo#5

What's New:

  • Boss Battle Functionality!
  • Start level intro, teleport in
  • FadeIn/FadeOut transitions

2016-08-11: Demo#4

What's New:

  • Player animations finished!
  • Smarter camera with movement restrictions
  • Door functionality
  • Player death handling and level restart
  • SaveGames fully functional
  • Death pits
  • Enemy Projectiles
  • Sound (currently using MMX sounds as placeholders)

More information

Published164 days ago
Tags16-bit, 3D Platformer, megamanx, Platformer
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer


StarFire_Demo7.zip (13 MB)

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